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I'm Nicholas Strand, the Chief Attitude Influencer, is devoted to guiding organizations and individuals to uncover their full potential.

Inspired by the mantra created by my late wife, who battled cystic fibrosis, and which I used to transform my own life post loss, "Choose Your Attitude, Create Your Life."

From Adversity to Strength. My Resilient Journey.

Life hasn't been without its challenges. I've faced the profound loss of my mother to lung cancer and my wife of 10 years to cystic fibrosis. Additionally, I've navigated personal health obstacles, including a bout of Bell's Palsy. The live entertainment industry, to which I've dedicated my career, also took a hit with the onset of COVID-19.

In the face of these challenges, I found solace and inspiration in Brianna's powerful message, "Choose Your Attitude, Create Your Life." Motivated by this mantra, I sought transformation in the gym, discovering a profound space for personal growth.

My journey, shaped by the rigors of touring, the impact of adversity, and the transformative power of fitness, has led me to a new passion.
Today, I devote myself to helping organizations and individuals unearth their greatest potential, guiding them to turn pain into strength.


Why Nick Strand?

From a young entrepreneur turning dreams into a career to facing extreme losses with the passing of my mother and wife, and finding mental strength through a fitness journey—my life experiences form a relatable message for anyone.

Through these trials, I've discovered actionable strategies that you can take home to transform your own life or team, turning challenges into opportunities and dreams into reality.


I transformed dreams into a thriving career, excelling in networking, negotiations, self-taught expertise, and global crew management. Thriving in diverse, stressful conditions, each project presented unique requirements and challenges.


Losing my mom to lung cancer and my wife of 10 years to cystic fibrosis, coupled with my battle with Bell's Palsy and navigating through COVID, shaped my personal journey of resilience.


Nick's work resonates through relatable messaging, weaving personal triumphs and industry challenges into a narrative that strikes a chord with audiences. From entrepreneurship and global crew management to facing personal loss and health setbacks, his journey encapsulates universal themes, inspiring others to find strength and purpose in their own stories.


Early Days
Dream into Reality


Touring The World


LOSS Of Mother
Extreme loss


LOSS Of Super Human
Extreme loss


Paralyzing Transformation
Turning loss into purpose


Choose Your Attitude®
Premium Encouragement Brand


Fitness Journey
Pain into Strenght


Create Your Life™
Keynote Speaking | Life & Fitness Coaching 
Dream into Reality

Crafting a Dream Into Reality

From an early age, I nurtured a dream, captivated by the art of manipulating wires to create astonishing performances. With my father's expertise as an electrician, complemented by my mother's determination, my love for music, and the inspiration drawn from childhood idol Garth Brooks commanding the stage, a clear sense of purpose began to take shape. Despite my deep connection to music, I instinctively knew that my destiny didn't lie in becoming a musician.

Throughout junior and high school, I committed myself to building the video program, arriving hours before and after school to hone my skills. Joining the Future Farmers of America in high school, I infused my video talents into the organization, ascending to the roles of video director and production manager for the Washington FFA Convention.

My journey persisted into college, where I established a live entertainment department for the college's video channel. Simultaneously, I orchestrated the planning and design of the Murrow Symposium Awards Ceremony, bestowing the prestigious Edward R. Murrow Award. This path paved the way for my entire touring career, commencing just one week after graduating college, embarking on my first tour with RUSH.


Touring The World

Since 2007, I've been globetrotting as a Freelance Video Engineer in the Music Concert Touring Industry. Working with some of the biggest names in music, I've worked alongside diverse teams worldwide, navigating different languages and cultures. This journey has provided me with extensive experience in both cultural understanding and leadership.

Operating in high-stakes environments, dealing with unique working conditions, and overcoming the challenges of living with colleagues as we crisscross the globe have all become integral parts of my professional life.

Among the notable artists I've collaborated with are Stevie Wonder, Tom Petty, Dave Matthews Band, Taylor Swift, Rush, Usher, Kayne, Lizzo, and many more. The list continues to grow, reflecting the breadth of my experiences in this dynamic industry.

Extreme loss

The Loss of
My Mother

 was closely connected to my mother, finding inspiration for my work ethic, drive, and character in her example. She served as my greatest supporter and the person I turned to for guidance.

Her influence shaped my compassionate nature, encouraging me to embrace my true self and fostering a deep understanding of others. Within our family and beyond, she stood as the pillar of strength. In 2012, I stood by her side throughout a difficult few months as she faced the challenges of battling lung cancer, a battle she ultimately succumbed to, leaving a lasting impact on my life.

This was my first loss in my life, and my greatest influence, my closest person. 

Extreme loss

The Loss of a Super Human

Brianna, my best friend and soulmate, entered my life a year before my college graduation, and we collaborated on the Future Farmers Washington State Convention.

Our bond was unbreakable, forming a dream team as we worked together on her speeches and events advocating for Cystic Fibrosis.

In 2017, I experienced the heartbreaking loss of Brianna, my wife of 10 years, to Cystic Fibrosis.

Her life journey has left a lasting impact, teaching me invaluable lessons about the profound significance of life, the fleeting nature of time, and the extraordinary strength that can arise from transforming pain and limitations into sources of growth.


Paralyzing Wake Up Call

In August of 2019, I awoke to find the left side of my face completely paralyzed.

The initial fear of a stroke turned into relief when I discovered it was Bell's Palsy.

This experience served as a poignant wake-up call, emphasizing the brevity of life.

During a five-week break that followed, I channeled this realization into writing the book "Loving Someone Who Is Dying" and embarked on the journey of transforming Brianna's inspirational message into the brand "Choose Your Attitude®."

Choose Your AttitudE®

Premium Encouragement

This transformative journey encountered a significant challenge in March 2020 when the global impact of Covid brought the live entertainment industry to a staggering halt, enduring 500 consecutive days of suspension. Throughout this period, life pushed various aspects to their limits, ultimately sparking my newfound passion for mental health.

Brianna's powerful message, "Choose Your Attitude, Create Your Life," emerged as a guiding force, propelling me towards a deeper understanding of the profound impact of attitude on our lives.

From grappling with Bell's Palsy to the inception of the brand, this journey not only carried a powerful message but also served as a pivotal experience, teaching me invaluable lessons that I apply in my daily life.

two people happy looking at each other wearing the same hoodie with the message "Choose your attittude"
Fitness Journey

Pain Into Strength

I embarked on my fitness journey as a way to fill the void left by the absence of my wife. Fitness presented itself as a convenient hobby, easily adaptable to my travels since each hotel offered a gym. Over time, it has evolved into my mental therapy—a sanctuary where discipline, consistency, and motivation empower me to show up daily, surpass my own limits, and consistently raise the bar.

This fitness journey has become a powerful outlet for directing my energy, transforming pain into strength, and allowing adversity to sculpt my body. It has been an incredible learning experience, not just physically but also mentally. This journey breathes life into the profound quote, "Choose Your Attitude, Create Your Life."

Through the highs and lows, my fitness journey has become a testament to the transformative power of attitude in shaping our lives.


A Life of Purpose

In recent years, I've found myself supporting friends through the throes of heavy drug addiction, challenging divorces, and the profound loss that life sometimes throws our way. Sharing these experiences and hearing the feedback on how my support was inspiring and transformative made me realize that I possess a unique gift—a gift that has laid the foundation for my life's purpose.

Today, I bring over 15 years of experience from the extremes of the Concert Music Touring Industry, coupled with profound life lessons learned through my own losses and the challenges posed by the COVID era. My true purpose now is to share this incredible message with the world, aiming to assist others in living purposeful lives without enduring the same level of challenges before recognizing the urgency of time.

Inspired by Brianna's powerful quote, "Choose Your Attitude, Create Your Life," we've embraced "Choose Your Attitude®" as a global brand. My primary focus lies in "Create Your Life," and I channel this through various avenues—keynote speaking, workshops, team consulting, life coaching, and fitness coaching. This multifaceted approach allows me to continue meaningful work with an authentic life purpose.

I'm enthusiastic about cultivating a community, reaching more lives, and helping individuals discover their true potential. Each person holds an inspiring story, and there's no greater reward than witnessing transformations in numerous lives.

The Premium Encouragement Brand

Choose Your Attitude®

Empower Your Style, Define Your Life: Choose Your Attitude®.

Our apparel isn't just fabric; it's a canvas for personal empowerment. With every stitch, we sew the powerful message of choosing your attitude to create your life. Wear it as a statement, gift it as inspiration – because your attitude isn't just an accessory, it's the masterpiece you create every day. Elevate your wardrobe, elevate your life.

Empower your wardrobe, wear you motivation ... some other ideas

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Speaking, Workshops &
Other Events

Nicholas is dedicated to empowering individuals today by reshaping narratives and prioritizing connections for fulfillment and progress. He achieves this through the powerful message of "Choose Your Attitude, Create Your Life." Nicholas offers impactful engagements, including speaking engagements, workshops, and personalized consulting, to inspire positive transformations and guide individuals and organizations towards a more fulfilling and productive life.

Personalized Coaching

One on One Transformation

When you're ready to embark on the path of self-transformation, I provide personalized one-on-one coaching. Whether it's Life Coaching or Fitness Coaching, I am here to support you throughout your journey, ensuring consistency, and guiding you towards your transformative goals.


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