"Nick's dynamic approach has the remarkable ability to ignite passion and purpose in every audience. His unique blend of charisma, authenticity, and motivational expertise ensures that any event he graces becomes an unforgettable experience. Nick Strand is not just a speaker–he's a catalyst for positive change. I am confident that his message will resonate powerfully with your audience–fostering growth, resilience, and a renewed sense of purpose!"

Rachel Kjack

CEO Unincarcerated Productions

Unraveling Challenges

Frequent Encountered Challenges People Express

Elevate: Ignite Urgency, Connect, Grow, Conquer.

Diminished Productivity

Productivity wanes as people lose the urgency of time, failing to deliver their best work.

Hunger for Human Connection

Post-COVID, the lack of human connection deepens loneliness, leaving a poignant void in everyday life and in the workplace.

Lack of Personal or
Professional Growth

Bound by limiting beliefs, many fear to leave their comfort zones and take the risks essential for growth.


Choose Your Attitude,
Create Your Life

Collaboratively, we'll empower you to seize the moment, drive action, and cultivate personal growth, fostering a highly effective and dynamic business atmosphere.

Urgency of Time

Empower people to do their best work TODAY, instead of waiting till tomorrow.

Self - Empowerment

People start turning their own stories into ones that empower them, not paralyze them.

Prioritize Connection

People begin to prioritize human connection that increases fulfillment and creates progress


My Keynote Speeches Are Fully Interactive

Drawing on 18 years of entrepreneurial experience in the Music Concert Touring Industry and navigating life's challenges, I've crafted a transformative package delivered on stage.

Sharing pivotal moments from my journey, I inspire the audience to empower their own stories, taking immediate action and fueling today over waiting for tomorrow.

Unlock actionable steps and motivation, empowering you to embrace the profound impact of choosing your attitude and crafting your life. Leave prepared to take decisive action and initiate positive change.



Unleash the full impact of Nick Strand's wisdom and inspiration as a keynote speaker in person, creating an immersive experience that sparks transformative change and energizes your audience.

Group Excercises


Elevate your team's potential with custom workshops that take Nick’s powerful message of 'Choose Your Attitude, Create Your Life' to the next level, fostering a transformative and tailored experience.

Customized Solutions

Customized Solutions

Tailored consulting solutions offering custom, direct strategies designed specifically for your team's success.

Elevate, Ignite, Transform

5 Ways Nick Takes You
To The Next Level

Unlock the extraordinary with Nick as your keynote speaker
—where inspiration meets transformation.

Igniting a Mindset Movement

I spark the flame of inspiration, igniting a collective mindset and movement toward positive change.

Propelling your Team Into Action

Empowering teams is my forte; I propel your team into decisive action, fostering a culture of motivation and productivity.

Crafting Individualized Message

No generic speeches here. I specialize in tailoring messages to resonate personally. Each speech is meticulously crafted, ensuring a unique and impactful experience for every audience.

Leading with Authenticity

I pride myself on being authentic and approachable. I connect with audiences on a personal level, fostering an atmosphere of genuine engagement.

Leaving a Meaningful Impact

My goal as a motivational speaker is to leave a lasting imprint. I aim to inspire and empower, ensuring each interaction creates a meaningful impact on individuals and teams alike.


Choose Your Attitude® Event Swag

Crafting impactful Keynotes is our priority, ensuring a lasting impression. Our carefully selected event swag serves as tangible reminders of the transformative experience.

Envision attendees leaving with uniquely designed notebooks to capture inspired thoughts, wristbands as constant motivational companions, and/or shirts as wearable statements of empowerment.

These take-home items are more than mementos; they're tools to perpetuate the Choose Your Attitude® spirit. Let us enhance your event with these meaningful tokens, extending the Choose Your Attitude® philosophy beyond the gathering. Ask me how we can provide these customized items for your unique event and audience.


Find answers to commonly asked questions about Nicholas's speaking engagements.

Why should I choose you as a keynote speaker for our event?

I bring over 18 years of entrepreneurial experience and a compelling personal journey. My speeches are not just informative but deeply engaging, inspiring audiences to take immediate action and fuel positive change.

What topics do you typically cover in your keynote speeches?

In my keynote speeches, I center discussions on resilience, creativity, and the urgent importance of time. I share my personal journey, emphasizing the transformative power of choosing one's attitude, self-empowerment, and the vital need to prioritize meaningful connections. Delving into my experiences, I provide insights on navigating challenges, unlocking potential, and the immediate impact of embracing these principles in our lives.

What can attendees expect to take away from your keynote speech?

Attendees will leave with actionable steps, motivation, and a newfound perspective on the impact of attitude in shaping their lives. The goal is to empower them to take decisive action and initiate positive transformations. If you want your team to take home the message in physical form, ask me about Choose Your Attitude® swag we can offer your attendees.

How do you engage with the audience during your keynote speeches?

I believe in interactive engagement. Whether through thought-provoking questions, anecdotes, or involving the audience in activities, I ensure a dynamic and participatory experience for everyone.

How do you handle different audience sizes, from small gatherings to large conferences?

Adapting to various audience sizes is a strength. I customize my delivery, ensuring that whether it's an intimate setting or a large conference, the impact, and connection with the audience remain powerful.

What steps do you take to ensure your keynote aligns with the goals and objectives of the event organizer?

Before every event, I collaborate closely with the organizers. Understanding their goals and objectives helps me tailor my keynote to align seamlessly, ensuring the message resonates with the broader context of the event.

How do you stay current and relevant in your content, considering the evolving landscape of business and personal development?

Continuous learning and staying attuned to industry trends are paramount. I regularly update my content to reflect the latest insights, ensuring that my keynotes remain relevant, impactful, and aligned with contemporary challenges and opportunities.


Speaking, Workshops,
& Consulting

Nicholas is dedicated to empowering individuals today by reshaping narratives and prioritizing connections for fulfillment and progress. He achieves this through the powerful message of "Choose Your Attitude, Create Your Life."

Nicholas offers impactful engagements, including speaking engagements, workshops, and personalized consulting, to inspire positive transformations and guide individuals and organizations towards a more fulfilling and productive life.


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