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I specialize in guiding high-profile individuals through the complexities of balancing business and personal life, fostering holistic growth and fulfillment.

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I'm Nick, a life coach propelled by life's profound challenges—losing my mother to lung cancer, my wife Brianna to cystic fibrosis, and facing Bell's Palsy ignited this journey. 'Loving Someone Who Is Dying' and Choose Your Attitude® are born from that inspiration. Despite COVID-19 altering my music industry career, it deepened my commitment to guide others through life's hurdles. With a background in the Music Touring Industry and firsthand experience with extreme challenges, I offer a unique perspective.

Let's navigate your path to fulfillment and purpose together—remember, life is happening for you, not against you. I'm here to help you decode it. Start your transformative journey now.


Discover Tailored Life Coaching Designed for Your Unique Needs.

Embark on a personalized life coaching journey with me. I provide individualized guidance and support, combining proven techniques and personalized strategies. Together, we'll overcome obstacles, set meaningful goals, and achieve lasting personal growth.

Clarity of Vision

High-profile life coaching emphasizes clarifying personal and professional goals, ensuring a clear and achievable vision for the future.

Stress Management

High-profile individuals often face intense pressure. Coaching addresses stress management techniques to maintain balance, resilience, and overall well-being.

Effective Communication

Communication skills are crucial in high-profile coaching to navigate complex interpersonal dynamics, foster healthy relationships, and enhance leadership abilities.

Life Balance Mastery

Life coaching for high-profile individuals emphasizes achieving and maintaining a healthy life balance. This involves managing professional demands while nurturing personal well-being, ensuring sustained success and fulfillment.

Strategic Decision-Making

Coaching focuses on developing strategic decision-making skills, enabling individuals to make informed choices aligned with their values and long-term objectives.


Step-By-Step Process

Together, we'll delicately uncover the pain points, skillfully unravel the challenges you face, and collaboratively craft actionable steps. This personalized approach will guide you toward empowerment, growth, and lasting positive change.

Uncover the Pain Points

Dive deep into self-discovery to identify and understand the underlying issues that hinder progress.

This step involves introspection and open communication, creating a foundation for targeted and effective coaching.

Unravel the Challenge

Once the pain points are revealed, the coaching process involves unraveling the challenges.

This means breaking down complexities, gaining insights, and developing a clear understanding of the obstacles at hand to pave the way for transformative solutions.

Craft Actionable Steps

With a comprehensive understanding of challenges, the next step is to collaboratively craft actionable steps.

This involves setting realistic and achievable goals, outlining a strategic plan, and empowering individuals to take deliberate and meaningful actions toward positive change.

Let's acknowledge that the coaching journey is a continual process, mirroring life's dynamic nature. As we navigate challenges and celebrate victories, my commitment is to guide you through the constant ebb and flow of personal growth. Embrace this journey with dedication, and together, we'll adapt and evolve, fostering lasting positive change.

Offerings That Are Tailored to Your Needs

Embark on a fitness journey that suits your style with my coaching options. Whether you thrive in one-on-one sessions, enjoy the energy of group classes, or prefer the flexibility of online training, I've got you covered. Explore custom meal plans, dive into all-inclusive fitness packages, or take charge with my self-guided fitness app. Your ideal fitness path, personalized just for you.

One on One

Experience the power of personalized support in one-on-one life coaching sessions, where confidentiality allows for the exploration and unpacking of deep emotions and personal growth in a private setting.

Group Session

Dive into the enriching group atmosphere of life coaching, a dynamic space for collective growth and shared insights. Ideal for corporate teams to foster cohesion and leadership, as well as for personal challenges like navigating family loss or relationship issues, providing a supportive community for shared understanding and growth.

In Person

Delve into the transformative experience of in-person life coaching, where face-to-face interactions create a unique and supportive environment. Whether in the comfort of an office or a familiar space, the personalized connection fosters a deeper exploration of your journey towards growth and fulfillment.


Embark on a transformative journey through secure online video chat life coaching sessions. From the convenience of your chosen space, experience the same personalized support and guidance, ensuring a confidential and impactful exploration of your path to growth and well-being.


Find answers to commonly asked questions about the fitness coaching process.

What exactly is life coaching, and how does it differ from therapy?

Life coaching is centered on the present and future, aiding individuals in setting and achieving personal or professional goals. Diverging from therapy, which explores past issues and emotions, life coaching is forward-looking. In our coaching relationship, we work on moving forward from past issues, providing guidance and unwavering support for your ongoing personal development.

How long does a typical life coaching engagement last?

The duration of life coaching varies based on individual needs and goals. Typically, engagements range from a few months to a year. The frequency of sessions and the intensity of the coaching relationship depend on your objectives and the complexity of the challenges being addressed.

What types of issues or goals can be addressed through life coaching?

Life coaching can address a wide range of issues, including career transitions, goal setting, improving relationships, personal growth, and enhancing work-life balance. Essentially, any area where an individual desires positive change or improvement can be explored through life coaching.

How is life coaching conducted—online or in-person?

Life coaching is flexible and can be conducted both in-person and online. I offer sessions via video conferencing, phone calls, or in-person meetings, providing you with the convenience and accessibility to choose the format that best suits your preferences and schedule.

Is life coaching only for individuals, or can it benefit teams and organizations?

Life coaching is not limited to individuals; it can also be highly beneficial for teams and organizations. Team coaching focuses on improving collaboration, communication, and overall team dynamics. Organizational coaching addresses leadership development, change management, and cultural transformation within a company.


One on One Transformation

When you're ready to embark on the path of self-transformation, I provide personalized one-on-one coaching. Whether it's Life Coaching or Fitness Coaching, I am here to support you throughout your journey, ensuring consistency, and guiding you towards your transformative goals.


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